Today, class one were very lucky as Mrs Handford brought in some lovely ducklings. We all got to stroke them a little. It was very exciting but we remembered to use our indoor voices so we didn’t scare them. 

Fun in the woods!

This afternoon, class one spent time in the forest school area. We built dens and climbed trees. The children worked so well together, they listened to one another and talked through their ideas to achieve their goal. 

We want treasure!

Yesterday, class one had a dilemma! We did not know whether to keep Pirate Blackbeard’s treasure, was that the right choice to make? We decided that we should give it back, so in phonics today we wrote him a letter. We said sorry for keeping his treasure and politely asked if we could keep some… Read more »

Water fun

Today we explored water. We made rivers and slides whilst solving problems together!


Class one are beginning to learn hockey skills this half term in PE. We began this week by learning ball control.

Give us a number!

This week, as part of our Maths learning, Class One took to the playground armed with some chalk and an eagerness to learn. We used the new 100 square marked on the playground to look at how we write numbers.  We then used the chalk to write our own, making sure the numbers were written… Read more »

Obstacle course

Today in class one, we built a very tricky obstacle course. We had so much fun doing this and then being able to complete it afterwards.

The ship is sinking!

Today in class one, we played with our toy pirate ship, outside in the water tray. We had lots of fun with our sea creatures and pirates!

X marks the spot!

Today in class one we have been left some more treasure chests from our pirate friend: Captain Blackbeard. However, this time he had left us clues. These clues were quite tricky to figure out. Eventually, they lead us straight to the treasure chests. Which were full of lots of sparkly gems and gold coins!

Pirate fun

This afternoon we had fun making pirate hats, ships and writing letters to the Pirates!