We have had a very exciting day in Class One today. We discovered that a pirate had been in our class and left us a note. We found treasure had been left in our field! It was all very exciting.

We love our sandpit!

Class one have been enjoying our new sandpit today. It was like being at the beach. 

Playground markings

Work has started today installing the new playground markings. Thank you to the School Council for their hard work planning this project.

EYFS makeover

Thank you to the team of parents and staff who volunteered their time and talents to help improve the EYFS outdoor learning environment. The children will have an immense amount of fun playing in their new sandpit, planting seeds and building the bug hotel! Thank you to the PTFA for sponsoring this project.

Easter egg hunt

Today, all the children participated in an Easter egg hunt set up by the PTFA. Everyone had so much fun and got a delicious treat at the end: an Easter egg! Thank you to the PTFA for organising and running the event.


Over the Easter break, it would be lovely if you and your child could embark on many different adventures especially the imaginary kind. When we return, we will be looking at narrative writing. Therefore, if any child wishes to write a story about their holiday escapades, we would be super impressed! 

Easter bonnet parade

This afternoon we saw some amazing Easter bonnets! Well done to all the children for their brilliant effort and many thanks to the PTFA for organising this special event for us all.

School awards

Today we had our end of spring term awards in assembly. We had so many award winner! Congratulations to all who received awards. Keep up the good work!

Whales are ginormous!!

Today, class one took to the playground to measure a humpback whale. It wouldn’t fit in our classroom as it was so huge! We found that we could all easily fit inside the outline and learnt some amazing facts about it. 

Great D’Arcy Bake Off

Well done to the Rota Kids for organising this weeks Bake Off. It was a hugely successful and popular event! Well done to all who participated.