Lee Valley 

This week we enjoyed a fabulous trip to Waltham Abbey Gardens. We participated in orienteering and plantlife activities. The trip was thoroughly enjoyed by all. We were complimented on how positive and well behaved our children were. Well done for representing the school so well!

Fair well Mrs B

Today we say a fond fair well to Mrs Bartholomew who has been a member of our school for 13 years. Thank you for everything you have done for us and we hope you come and visit soon!

World Book Day

Thank you for everyone who took part in the parent-child reading session, It was a blast! Thank you for those who donated cakes! Everyone looked so fantastic in their costumes. The winners of the best costume in each class will be announced on Monday.

We’re upping our G7me!

Today, in our ukulele lesson, we practiced our F and C chords and added G7 to our repertoire! A group of ukulele stars began to pick out a melody too! 

Homework Help 15.03.19

This week’s homework follows on from our work on fractions this week. We have started working on equivalent fractions (fractions with the same value). In class, we have used fraction walls and clear sheets to draw round and compare the size of different fractions and find which are equivalent. The homework asks that the children… Read more »

Science week

We have had a fantastic week of learning. Each class were set questions to investigate and many children came up with more! Today we shared our findings in assembly. Thank you Mrs Richards for leading this exciting week of learning and to all the staff and parents for supporting the children and encouraging their enthusiasm!

Science week

This week we are investigating the world of Science. On Monday, we enjoyed some scientific experiments in assembly. Each class were set a number of key questions to investigate. Thank you Mrs Richards for your hard work leading this project and supporting staff and children too!

Spelling Adventures

We have been working on spellings with the -sure or -ture endings. Today we played a game that we loved based on these endings.  This is a link to the game we were playing – you should be able to play it on tablets as well as computers. https://spellingframe.co.uk/spelling-rule/14/9-Words-with-endings-sounding-like-ture

Getting a Pizza the Fraction!

This afternoon we have been applying our learning on fractions to making pizzas. I have been hugely impressed by our learning today – and this just topped it off brilliantly! 

Accelerated Reader

I am asking for your help in discussing and encouraging accelerated reader tests. As part of our reading scheme, children take a comprehension test when they have read a text. These tests are designed to gauge children’s understanding of the text and also help determine the level of book they should be on. On average,… Read more »