Science week

This week we are investigating the world of Science. On Monday, we enjoyed some scientific experiments in assembly. Each class were set a number of key questions to investigate. Thank you Mrs Richards for your hard work leading this project and supporting staff and children too!

Spelling Adventures

We have been working on spellings with the -sure or -ture endings. Today we played a game that we loved based on these endings.  This is a link to the game we were playing – you should be able to play it on tablets as well as computers.

Getting a Pizza the Fraction!

This afternoon we have been applying our learning on fractions to making pizzas. I have been hugely impressed by our learning today – and this just topped it off brilliantly! 

Accelerated Reader

I am asking for your help in discussing and encouraging accelerated reader tests. As part of our reading scheme, children take a comprehension test when they have read a text. These tests are designed to gauge children’s understanding of the text and also help determine the level of book they should be on. On average,… Read more »

Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday

Today Isobel came to talk to us in assembly about the history and importance of Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday to the Christian community.

It’s finger picking good!

We have become very accomplished in our repertoire and are now working on swapping between our C and F chords.​ ​​​ ​

Amateur Robotics

This afternoon, we have been making and programming our own robots. This is our first step in programming more advanced robots in the future with sensors and more intricate designs.

Circulatory system 

In science, we learnt about the circulatory system and smooth muscles in our blood vessels. Do not worry, it  is only red water!​ ​

Playground markings

Today, the School Council met with Luke to plan and design the playground markings. They worked hard using squared paper to plan the layout of the markings. The markings are due to be installed in the Summer term. Thank you Luke for all of our hard work and support with this project.

First aid training

Today, the year three’s has their  turn to learn about first aid training and what to do if someone collapses. This was really exciting a fun to learn how to potentially save someone’s life.