Getting the ‘Write’ stuff.

This morning we have been developing and questioning ideas for an Egyptian story. We are helping each other to develop our initial ideas in preparation for writing our own stories next week. Whoever knew there was such a thing as a serpopard?!


This afternoon we chose partners between year groups to research and take notes on aspects of Ancient Egypt. It was a very productive afternoon and we found out a lot. It was great to share texts between readers of different abilities. 

It’s a ‘Card’ life being in Class 3

Today we have been using card games to help with the speed of our addition skills. I’m sure a lot of children will enjoy playing some of these games at home too!


Last nights high winds gave Mr Este an idea! Continuing our Science topic of forces we made our own anemometers.


This afternoon in Class 3 we have been using hieroglyphics to write our own Cartouche. We sketched first and then using watercolours to bring them alive. 

A Pharaoh’ld Time

This morning we have been role playing and interviewing as fictional Pharaohs in preparation for our ‘Feast of the Pharaohs’ tomorrow. We look forward to sharing more after the feast!

Mad Science Assembly

Today we had a visit from Helen from the Mad Science team. We had lots of fun learning about air pressure and forces. Helen will be running a club at our school – details to follow!


Today’s task was to explain our findings in Maths. Using fruit we proved why and how we were correct!

Epiphany service

Today we went to church and learnt about Epiphany. Thank you to the ministry team for their hard work and support. Well done to all the children for their beautiful singing, reading and leading the prayers!