Space Cooking

On Monday we cooked asteroid cakes (rocky road).  We measured up the ingredients and mixed them together. Then we put them into the fridge to set. In the afternoon we played party games and ate our asteroid cake.

Observational drawings

Today in class one, we looked closely at Lucy and Ginger and completed a line drawing of them. We really enjoyed watching em as we completed our art. 

A visit from Lucy and Ginger

Lucy and Ginger the Guinea pigs visited class one today. We were very excited to see how much they had grown since we last saw them a year ago.  Thank you to Mille and Millie’s Mummy for bringing them in. 

Invitation to all grown ups

Class One cordially invite all grown ups to our Summer Tea Party. It will be held in Class One Friday 19th July at 2pm.  Further details to follow regarding the menu. RSVP  (Please let one of the team know if you are able to come and if you have any dietary requirements.)

Sport Day Heats

Just some photos of our sports day heats from yesterday. The children competed in all the events to see who would take part in the finals today.

Biography of the village

Thursday morning we focused on different types of punctuation. We used sentences from our earlier work to practise the different skills.  In the afternoon we applied these skills to writing a fact file about the village. We were surprised to learn about the station and loved looking at the pictures of the old school children.

Clay Faces

This week we sculpted clay faces. We used masks from different cultures around the world for inspiration. We looked at how emotion was shown through the different shapes we could see. We practised forming different shapes using tools and attaching shapes using a clay glue. Here are some of our finished faces.

Week 2 Spellings

This weeks spellings are as follows. Year 2 Past tense words, regular and irregular. moved sounds like t sounds like d irregular walked turned span (to spin) talked married caught (to catch) jumped raised drove (to drive) laughed studied spoke (to speak) Year 1 Long vowel sound /ee/ ey ea ee tricky ee monkey sea… Read more »

Catching Up on the Week and Homework

We’ve had a great week this week. We have continued with our work on David Walliams novels, focusing this week on speech use. In maths, we have started to work on money – beginning with mental addition and subtraction of totals. Outside of these, we have started to work on our topic on plants; beginning… Read more »

Maths and books home

Firstly, the children have brought home their books from last year as we no longer need them for assessments. Today we did a mental maths activity with the older children. They have brought this home  to show you. On the back there are the questions we used and, in bold, the skills that these are… Read more »