Skills morning

Happy Friday! Today we have been super busy in Class 2! We had a skills morning looking at maps, high frequency words and played head bands to help us with our describing skills. It was very fun! Also, some of us finish off our Egyptian Canopic Jars with the very talented Mr Fox.

Diwali – Festival of Light.

In Class 2, we like to make sure we learn lots about everything – including other religious festivals.  Diwali is the Festival of Light and is a Hindu festival on new beginnings. We learnt about the story behind it of Rama and Sita and the Goddess of Wealth, Lakshmi.  Miss Jenkins wrote up what we… Read more »

Harvest and The Sower.

Class 2 have been learning lots about the Harvest festival this week. We have completed Harvest themed acrostic poems and we have learnt a Bible story that links very nicely to Harvest and giving thanks called The Sower. We summarised the story and did some great art work to go with it (which will be… Read more »

Spelling practise

Today, we have practised our spellings in Class 2. We did lots of work with our partners using some letters, digraph triangles and cubes. Also, we played some high frequency word games too!  Who says spelling is just using ‘read, look, cover and check’ … We can make it fun and active!

Year one homework!!

It is really lovely to see some wonderful homework coming in. The children are super proud to show this to the whole class.  We look forward to seeing more. 

Dinosaur fun!

Today we had a fantastic day counting dinosaurs, building mini and giant dinosaur worlds, making clay bones and sharing our nests from home! Well done Class 1 – you have been busy today!

Dino eggs

Today, class one discovered some dinosaur eggs in the outdoor area. We held them very carefully and listened to see if we could hear the baby inside.   The children are bringing home a dinosaur egg home with them to care for. If they would like to make a nest to keep it safe, that… Read more »

Class one Pe

Just a reminder that class ones PE day has changed to a Tuesday afternoon. So please can you ensure your children have all of their PE kit in school and ear rings taped if not removed. Many thanks.

Year 1 spellings homework

Don’t forget to work on your spellings this weekend Year 1!  A new set has been sent home today. 

Number bond problems

This afternoon, Year One solved number bond problems using natural objects. We found it an interesting way to learn.