Wednesday 01/07/20 maths challenge.

Today’s maths challenge is to write number sentences for multi-step problems before solving the calculations. The problems and a sheet to fill in are on Google Classroom for you. Good luck Mr Hopegood

Tuesday’s maths and your weekly spelling.

Today’s maths task is all about revisiting areas of work that you may have become less secure with over the last 3 months and I have set your spellings to look at and practice over the coming week. Please find the tasks to download on Google classroom, if you have any difficulty accessing your work… Read more »

Weekly learning 29/06/20

We have another busy week of learning which will be on a different platform from next week. All of Class 4 have been sent log in and passwords for Google Classroom, please DO NOT change your passwords, which allows work to be seen and marked by the class teacher and comments to be sent both… Read more »

More fish for Friday.

The end of another week of glorious weather! Remember to keep drinking lots of water and slopping on the suncream. On a fish theme for Friday have a look at the British sharks wordsearch, did you know that we have so many in our territorial waters? I’ve also included a maths challenge that focus’s on… Read more »

Midsummer’s Day

Today is Midsummer’s Day and it’s hot, hot, hot! Make sure that you wear a hat, put on sun cream and drink plenty of water this week. Today is also celebrated as the feast day of St John the Baptist. According to the Bible how was he related to Jesus and what was their age… Read more »

Tuesday is spelling day.

Follow the link below for a KS2 spelling quiz, can you tell me how you got on: We are set for a hot and sunny week so don’t forget to use suncream and drink plenty of water. Mr Hopegood

Weekly learning 22/06/20

Yesterday was the longest day, can you find out how many hours and minutes of daylight there was and compare that to the shortest day, what is the difference? In our weekly learning we are continuing to follow our themes looking at nomadic people and investigating one of our most famous monarchs. Please send in… Read more »

Fishy Friday!

It is traditional to eat fish on Friday, can you find out why? All plants and animals have a scientific name as well as the usual name that we use everyday, have a look at these and find out what you know them as: Gadus morhua, Pulex irritans, Turdus turdus, Canis familiaris, Daucus carota and… Read more »

Barking up the right tree!

Today we spent some time identifying the trees in the grounds at Tolleshunt D’Arcy School. Please see the identification wheel that we used below, it was a great success. Mr Hopegood

Quick literacy quiz.

Have a go at this literacy quiz, can you remember all of the SPaG vocabulary? If you can’t look in your folders for the information that I gave you last term and find the answers. Your next task is to look in your spelling book and practice the last set of words, can you get… Read more »