Class 4 SPaG

WALT: Structure our word maps This morning, Class 4 used their fantastic dictionary skills to help improve their vocabulary. Great start, can’t wait to see it all in their writing.

Spellings 19.11.20

Good luck with these and don’t forget your weekly and Creative homework tasks. Mr Hopegood

Class 4 homework

Class 4’s weekly homework has been set and is now live on Google Classroom. If you have any problems either signing in or printing the work please tell us straight away so that we can provide a paper copy and help you access the site. Additionally, this half term’s Creative Homework is available there and… Read more »

Happy Half Term Holiday.

Half term is here already and Class 4 has made fantastic progress and produced some amazing work! Please see the Class 4 Google classroom area where you will find our display of some of the last half term’s Creative Homework as well as the spelling list for Thursday the 5th of November. Anything else in… Read more »

Class 4 Artwork

During today’s lesson we studied East Anglian artists. Below is a beautiful painting of West Mersea by David Britton, from which the pupils have been creating their own masterpieces.

Class 4 learning for the week ahead.

We are looking forward to another week of active learning with our brilliant pupils, some more details are on Google Classroom. If you have any difficulty logging on please contact the school office. Mr Hopegood

Describing an image

Today we looked at an interesting picture and, focusing on the use of adjectives, made vocabulary notes and drafts from our class discussion. Class 4 did brilliantly, if we could’ve uploaded everyone’s work, we would have! We’ve have a a great week and the whole class have been amazing. Great work Class 4, keep it… Read more »