Half term time capsule project

During the half term we would like you to think about and then make some things to put into a time capsule to be opened in 50 years time, that would be 2070! Concentrate on ideas that would inform children in the future about how strange and different life has been during the lockdown. What… Read more »

Zooming lovely!

So nice to see so many of you and to see so much excellent work. Remember to keep reading and learning over the half term even though we have not set formal tasks. Mr Hopegood

Zoom meeting this morning.

Just a quick reminder that Class 4 has a Zoom meeting at 10.30 today, I hope to lots of smiling faces! Try this quick quiz – https://www.educationquizzes.com/ks2/science/life-cycles—animals/ See you shortly. Mr Hopegood

The Nations Favourite Poems.

As one of your learning tasks this week I asked you to look at a wonderful book called The Nations Favourite Poems and on the clip below I read four of them. Have a look, are there any others you would like me to read or can you ask one of your adults to. Mr… Read more »

Famous faces.

The author Margery Allingham, who lived in Tolleshunt D’Arcy and has one of our school houses named after her, was born on the 20th of May. Can you find out what the names of her fictional detective and his sidekick are? Which house in the village did she live in and is it still there?… Read more »

Tuesday’s starter!

Good morning on a sunny day, Here are a few maths teasers to get you moving, how many can you do in your head? 36, 75% of this, -16, x by itself, triple it, + 58 = 108, divide by 12, x by itself, x 3, – 131, 3/8 of this = 11, x 13,… Read more »

Weekly learning 18/05/20

Another week of exciting learning ahead of us! I’ve tried to include a few challenges that you can do with other members of your family so have a go and tell me how you got on. Don’t forget all of the other things that count as learning, cooking, helping with shopping, reading for pleasure, the… Read more »


In response to popular demand I’ve set some more MyMaths. Take note of the advice that I’ve given in the activity section and have a good try at your given tasks. If you get really stuck then please send me a message via the school office and either I or Miss Scotchford will send some… Read more »

Our Zoom meeting.

It was lovely to see so many of you again and a few new faces joining us. The meeting timed out when there were still a couple of people who had not finished asking questions or making comments so please send these through to the school office along with any work that you would like… Read more »

See you at 10.30!

I’m really looking forward to seeing lots of you at our zoom meeting at 10.30 with some of your lovely work. Here’s a cheesy challenge: complete the wordsearch below and then find out where the different cheeses are made. Some of them are named after the place they come from and others you’ll have to… Read more »