It’s Tuesday, time for spellings!

Have a close look at the word list below, it is made up of 100 words that you are expected to learn to spell accurately in years 5 and 6, make a list of the ones that you are not confident with and start to learn them. There are lots to get through so don’t… Read more »

Weekly learning 15/06/20

Good morning everybody, I hope that you have all had a nice weekend taking advantage of some summer sunshine! This week’s work follows a theme of islands and travel by sea but for very different parts of the World. Let me see how you get on with your tasks. The French challenge was a pupil… Read more »

In the open air.

Seeing the fantastic lean to structure being made yesterday reminded me of going to out door or open air theatre showings, I certainly hope that the Forest School area will host some productions, and thought about Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London. By coincidence it was on the 12th of June 1997 that Queen Elizabeth opened… Read more »

Which boat race?

Today in 1864 was the first time that a special boat race took place which is still run between the same two teams in the present day. What is it called, where is it run, who won the first time, against who and who won it the last time? There are two types of musical… Read more »

Tuesday is spelling day!

Before the lockdown Class 4 has always had spelling and handwriting exercises on Tuesday, I would like to keep this routine going and so have uploaded a wordsearch with words mainly from Italian to make it a little more challenging.. When you have found the words in wordsearch below copy them out accurately in your… Read more »

Weekly learning 08/06/20

We are continuing to look at our own country and the way that the UK has come to be what we know today, in our nomads topic I would like you to think about the different ways that nomadic cultures travel and hope that you will send in lots of written work and illustrations. A… Read more »

The First Friday back.

Well done for all of the great work that you’ve done in the first week of the Summer term and I’m looking forward to seeing more of it sent in! On the 5th of June 1956 Elvis Presley released Hound Dog, what other music with animals can you find? Don’t just look for pop have… Read more »

Where in the World Wednesday.

Have a look at the quiz, use an Atlas to find the answers if you have one, the crossword might give you a few clues as well! Don’t forget that Wednesday is a P.E. day and get active. Have fun and stay safe. Mr Hopegood

Tuesday’s starter.

I’ve put a wordsearch for you do have a go at but this one is made up of the names of different types of curry so the letter patterns are not the same as most of the words that you are used to. Yesterday marked the official start of Summer! ( Woop woop! ) Find… Read more »

Weekly learning 01/06/20 and welcome back!

What a lovely half term, full of sunshine! I hope that you are all well rested and ready to get going again with your learning. Our topic as a whole school is to look at Our Country, The Great British Isles, and we’re starting off with a look at our reigning monarchs, you will see… Read more »