Caterpillar update

Hello Class 2! I hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend and are enjoying your first week of the holidays… Caterpillar update: well, they are no longer caterpillars. They have all built their chrysalis ready for their big reveal in, hopefully, 2 weeks time… I’ll keep you updated throughout the half term! Be safe,… Read more »

Easter egg-travaganza

Well, we’ve had a lovely last Spring term in Class 2 and we certainly ended it with a BANG! We went on our Easter egg hunt this morning, where Mrs Archer, Mr Fox and Miss Bixby hid all of our chocolate bunnies around the playground – very mean! See if you can spot some of… Read more »

Exploring Autism together – The Rainbow course.

Good afternoon all. Please find attached some information about a parent/carer course available. The Rainbow course has been developed for parents / carers who have children or young people recently diagnosed with autism, are on the diagnosis journey, and for those who wish to explore more about autism. This course has a fee of £95…. Read more »

Names on uniform.

Good afternoon everyone. I hope you are all enjoying the sunshine today – I know we are in school! We have a lot of jumpers and cardigans at the moment with no names on (these can be found on the bench in front of the school office). If your child is missing a cardigan/jumper, please… Read more »

Symmetry in P.E

Happy Tuesday! We’ve had a very busy day again in Class 2 today, linking in our Maths skill with our P.E lesson. P.E at the moment is all about our movements and the shapes our bodies can make… Our Maths is all about shapes and how they are symmetrical (or not) – what a great… Read more »

Our day in Class 2.

We have had a very busy day in Class 2 today. We have looked at mini beasts and their micro habitats, looked at the life cycle of butterfly (and we made this using lots of different resources such as Lego, play dough etc) and completed some learning on symmetry – very busy indeed! What will… Read more »

Last day of online learning…

Hello everyone! Happy Friday I am so happy to be saying its the last day of online learning for hopefully all of us and we can’t wait to see you all on Monday! Literacy: WALT give an opinion and use complex sentences. Think of your time in Lockdown and our online learning. I would like… Read more »

The Bumblebear 04.03

Hello everyone, happy Thursday! For today’s home learning, we’ll be continuing the current theme of bees and nature. This week, we’ve been looking at the story: The Bumblebear. Literacy: WALT use of modelled language and range of sentence starters. Make a leaflet which ‘advertises’ Bee school. Think about why other bees may like to go… Read more »

The Bumblebear 03.02

Happy Wednesday everyone! Today is the third day of taking care of your baby bees, how are they all doing? How are you making sure they stay safe? English/Science: WALT – write narratives about personal experiences and those of others and use my senses to observe. Watch this clip of Barry the Bee leaving his… Read more »

The Bumblebear 02.03

Hope you all had a lovely St David’s day yesterday… Back to our bee learning now with our story The Bumblebear. How are you baby bees doing? Have any sadly popped? How are you managing to take care of them? PSHE: Knowing and understanding what a community is. Thinking about the story, what community did… Read more »