Dictionary & Thesaurus hunt!

We are on a hunt… a word hunt! In Class 2 today, we worked on our dictionary and thesaurus skills. We were given a word and had to find it as quickly as we could… they were pretty fast towards the end! We looked up some words that we may not have come across before… Read more »

Science – the senses!

Afternoon all! We have had an exciting day here in Class 2! Not only did we go on our very intriguing hunt in the dictionaries and thesauruses…we’ve been scientists! We spent the afternoon investigating all of our different senses…touch, smell, taste, hear, seeing. We had to describe what our senses were doing/feeling to our partners…. Read more »


Morning all! Spellings are up and running in class. We have ben focusing on lots of the important words that make up many of our sentences. I’ve grouped them into 3 sections, I will be discussing with the children today which ones they should be working on but it never hurts to just go over… Read more »

Update – Class 2

Afternoon all, The term is going well and we are in full swing with our topic, Guess who? We have been doing lots of skills in Maths (place value and addition), working on our writing skills (whether that’s actually writing or building up our muscles with finger gym!) and lots of Phonics! To help us… Read more »

My Maths

My maths is up and running again! We have set up 3 pieces of learning on there, 2 for now and one to be automatically uploaded in 2 weeks. The first topic we will be covering in Maths will be on Place Value. Mr Fox and myself will be putting log in details in reading… Read more »

Video games/Internet

Good evening all, It’s been a lovely start to our second week, especially with the sun shining! A Parent Mail was sent out earlier today about the use of Video games/ Social networking sites/ online video forums etc and how some of the games/content is not appropriate for children (especially for the ages of children… Read more »

Atlas skills

We have had a great first week back at school. Its been so lovely to see you all again and to hear your voices through the corridors. In Class 2, we have kick started our ‘Guess who?’ topic with some atlas learning based on the United Kingdom. We looked at all the different parts to… Read more »

Names on items

We are back in the swing of school and today we did P.E for the first time working on our listening skills and how we follow instructions. It is vital that every piece of clothing has your child’s name on it. We have had lots of clothing today that have not been named – this… Read more »

Welcome to Class 2!

A massive welcome to Class 2 or a massive welcome back! We are all ready for a brand new year after the last one got cut slightly short and went a little off course… But not to worry! We are all back and we can’t wait to get back in the swing of things! Please… Read more »


Happy new academic year to you all! It is so wonderful to be back with the children and to hear their voices around the school again. We have all truly missed it! Although we are all excited to come back and see each other, I know that lock down was an extremely stressful time for… Read more »