Today. Class 2 had an exciting visitor who introduced us to the ‘Stardome’. This was a large inflatable dome that showed us the solar system, stars and the consolations (like Leo the lion). We had an amazing time inside with Andy and we hope he comes back very soon! Thank you to the PTFA for… Read more »

Shadows and measuring.

Today in Class 2 we merged our science learning with maths (more specifically, measuring). We refreshed our memories on what a shadow is, how it is formed and a few key words such as opaque, transparent and translucent. After this, we found different objects around the classroom and began to make shadows with them. Once… Read more »

Science: Shadows

Today we were learning to recognize that shadows are formed when the light from a light source is blocked out by an opaque object. We learnt what the different sources of light are, and what types of objects block them out. In the afternoon, we decided to enjoy the sun while making different shaped shadows… Read more »

Maths – SATs papers

KS1 SATs will be going ahead after the Easter holidays. Although this is just for the year 2s, it would be a great opportunity for the year 3’s to complete this as homework. We include previous SATs questions in our daily maths but just for additional learning, please find attached 2 full KS1 SATs papers… Read more »

STEM Week: Lego maze building

Today, we made Lego mazes in ours groups. We challenged other groups to find their way through our mazes but they had to use a pom pom and a straw to make their way from start to finish. Below is what we made! Mrs Archer and Mr Lines

Homework – Year 3

  Creative homework: Signed (teacher) 1 Science: Thinking about our STEM Week challenge, can you think of a new, eye catching logo for ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’. Think about why it’s important… Also, think about why we need this logo? What is it used for? Where might we see it?   2 Fact file: Create a… Read more »

Egyptian homework activity – free choice.

Hello everyone! We have had a great first 2 weeks learning about Egypt and have found out lots of new and interesting things! If you would like to join in with the Year 3 homework this week, please see below. Thank you, Mrs Archer.


What a morning it has been in Class 2 today! With our new topic under way, we have been learning about Ancient Egypt and their amazing structures. To go alongside this, we have also looked into what the pyramids were used for and what was stored inside… This morning we mummified our very own apple… Read more »

Premier – Dance

Thank you to Premier for coming in and doing some dance lessons with both Class 2 and 3! They’ve had a blast!

Identifying and building 3D shapes

Today we looked a little more into 3D shapes – matching shapes to their names and actually building them out of Clixi. We looked at the different properties of a 3D shape as well such as it’s faces, edges and corners (vertices). Look out on My Maths at tomorrow for some new homework on shape…. Read more »