Thank you everyone!

To everyone at D’Arcy school,

I want to give you all a massive thank you.

A thank you for letting me get to know you all and being part of your everyday lives – I know some of you parents had the pleasure of seeing me every day!

A thank you for all the support you’ve given not only to the children, myself, but the team during the time I’ve been there.

And a thank you for making my time at Tolleshunt D’Arcy a special one.

I have loved worked at the school and I will miss all the families dearly. My Class 3 tribe, you have been my constant for 4 years most of you and I wouldn’t change you for the world. I know you’ll all do amazing things in the future and I can’t wait to hear about it when I visit next.

I am so overwhelmed by all of your kindness today and I truly can not tell you how much love I feel right now (the Grinches heart grew 3 sizes that day…). Thank you to the parents for your lovely gifts, past and present! I was definitely not expecting it all – you have blown me away!

Finally, my D’Arcy team! You have all been amazing to work with and have made coming to work easy, happy and a place that could be classed as a second home. I know you’ll miss my happy face in the mornings (and afternoons) and i’ll definitely be missing yours!

I wish you all the very best and I’m sorry I sent some of the children out crying on my last day😅. At least it was on good terms!

Diolch yn fawr Tolleshunt D’Arcy!

All my love, Miss Jenkins x