Well-being & creative week – Inside out 10.02

Hoping everyone has had a lovely week so far? Please, please, please…remember to send us in your learning. We love having your photos in to see what you’ve been up to. Art/D.T/ PSHE: WALT – Say what I like and dislike. WALT make mock ups of my designs. Design your own personality island. We want… Read more »

Well-being & creative week – Inside out 09.02

Art: WALT – Explore the use of warm or cold colours. There are five main emotions controlling Riley – joy, sadness, fear, disgust and anger. What other emotions can you think of? Can you create a character for an emotion you have come up with? What colour would they be? What would they look like?… Read more »

❄️☃️Snow day activities! ☃️❄️

Morning all! I hope everyone is having a good morning and has been out to enjoy the snow a little… We’ve been out on a snowy walk already and Jasper thoroughly enjoyed it! Obviously, there is plenty of learning planned for today (already on the blog) but I give you full permission to enjoy the… Read more »

Well-being & creative week – Inside out 08.02

Good afternoon all! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and has enjoyed the snow so far? Hopefully we can have some more overnight! This week we are focusing on our mental health and how to look after ourselves and putting a creative spin on our learning so we can find new ways to express… Read more »

The monkey with the bright, blue bottom! 05.02

English: Walt: Give a simple viewpoint. Try to use the following; I think… / I believe… / In my opinion… or create an argument I thought this but research/google/my book has said this… Statement/Question 1: Tiger’s can swim Statement/Question 2: Crocodiles are fast movers. Statement/Question 3: Are snakes good climbers? Statement/Question 4: Hippo’s can be… Read more »

The monkey with the bright, blue bottom! 04.02

Hello Class 2! I hope you have all had a great week so far – keep sending in photos of your learning and remember star of the week will be announced tomorrow during our class zoom! Art/Design: WALT select a landscape or portrait layout for your design. WALT explore mark making using a range of… Read more »

The monkey with a bright, blue bottom! 03.02

Happy hump day all! ICT/Science: WALT – find information from books or other printed (screen resources). WALT find out the basic needs of an animal (diet, habitat, survival etc). You can set this up anyway that you would like but you will need this information for the next activity. English: WALT use descriptive writing including… Read more »

The monkey with the bright, blue bottom! 02.02

Good morning everyone! Looking forward to seeing you all on Zoom today! Make sure you have your whiteboards/pens/paper/pencils at the ready. PE/Music: WALT – choose suitable movement for a purpose and move with careful control and care. WALT use my voice creatively and with good effect. Here is a monkey pose, have a go and… Read more »

The monkey with the bright, blue bottom! 01.02

Good morning all! New week, so new book and this is going to be the last week where we link it to jungle or rainforest animals. It’s called ‘The monkey with the bright, blue bottom’. PSHE: WALT – identify and respect differences and similarities between people. The animals have lots of similarities and differences, for… Read more »

How to bake a cake…

Well, the children in school have been having a lot of fun with Mrs Whybrow and Miss Ripton making cakes! The area was thoroughly cleaned, hands were washed and each child has their own cake to design and take home once it has been baked in the oven. Along with the baking came some (very… Read more »