Giraffes can’t dance! 29.01

We’ve had a great week! Let’s finish off with a BANG! Music: WALT create short musical patterns. Compose a song that might be played at the Jungle Dance. This can be just music or can be lyrics as well. Don’t worry if you don’t have instruments, think about what’s around your house or use your… Read more »

Giraffes can’t dance! 28.01

Nearly there! You’ve done a great job this week and remember to keep sending us your learning. Star of the Week is still happening for those in school and for you at home! ICT/Art: WALT type a piece of text and change its format. WALT explore the use of warm and/or cold colours. Design a… Read more »

Giraffes can’t dance! 27.01

Happy middle of the week all! ICT/English: WALT use question marks. LO has an awareness of purpose and audience. You are an ITV/BBC reporter. You have heard about Gerald’s story and want to find out more and tell the world! What questions would you ask him? Who would your audience be? (children?, adults?) Think about… Read more »

Giraffes can’t dance! 26.01

Hoping everyone has had a great start to the week… Zoom calls will be running the morning, this week on Maths. Using arrays or grouping to times. Learning with x2, x3, x5 and x10 (maybe even x4). We did some learning on this last week on the blogs and daily maths. Art: step by step… Read more »

Giraffes can’t dance! 25.01

Hello Class 2! New week means a new jungle themed book! This week we have got a favourite of mine, Giraffes can’t dance! Fine motor skills activity: Let’s try a Doh Disco! You can use Playdoh but if you don’t have it, don’t worry! Play foam? Slime? Blue Tac? Or take this opportunity to make… Read more »

Jungle Boogie! 22.01

Happy Friday! PSHE/Art: create own family portrait (similar to the last page of the story where the monkey is back with his mum and dad). Science: The book shows the monkey in his habitat, so they could add details from their own homes – what does you habitat look like? Compare it to an animals… Read more »

Jungle Boogie! 21.01

Class 2! Well done for a fantastic week of learning so far! Keep sending in photos of your learning as we are still doing Star of the Week on a Friday for those children in school and for those who are at home! Geography/Art: Make a map of the jungle or use the book and… Read more »

Jungle Boogie! 20.01

Hello Class 2! I hope your week is going well? PSHE: Linking to the book, Monkey Puzzle. Think about how he is lost in the book and have a think to yourself… have you ever been lost? What should you do if you find yourself separated from your family? Geography: Look on a map (internet… Read more »

Jungle Boogie 19.01

Hello Class 2! I hope yesterday’s learning went well. There was a lot of learning on there but i just wanted to make sure there was a wide variety. REMEMBER – we do not expect every single piece of learning to be completed, especially not in one day! Pick and choose with the options, life… Read more »

Jungle Boogie! 18.01

I hope everyone had a very nice weekend? Relaxed and ready for a new week of learning. Please note we do not expect you to do all of the learning. Home learning is tough and lots of children are finding this change hard. Pace the learning, some days you might whizz through it all, other… Read more »