Thursday 7th May – Class 4

It’s Thursday again! I’m looking forward to our Zoom meeting this morning where I’m sure I’ll be dazzled by your marvellous skills and talents. Here is your learning for the rest of the day (I’ve included a ‘telling the time’ game as requested in our last Zoom meeting): Miss Scotchford 🙂 Death at the SPaG… Read more »

Zoom meeting Thursday 7th May 10:30 am

I thought it would be nice to do a ‘show and tell’ session this week. YOUR CHALLENGE – SHOULD YOU WISH TO ACCEPT IT… I’d like you to learn/practise a new skill or talent ready to show (or tell) your classmates! Here are some ideas to get you started: –Sports/ball skills (bouncing a ball on… Read more »

Singing Assembly

Each week you can use the following link to access songs and their linked activities. This week, I suggest Saturday’s song from week 1 – I’ve Got A Cardboard Box (although you may wish to choose your own). I’m missing us all singing together (and you having to watch my bad dancing) so I really… Read more »

Thursday 30th April – Class 4

Happy Thursday guys! I hope you are all well and enjoy today’s suggested learning. I’m looking forward to Friday’s Zoom meeting with you. Miss Scotchford 🙂 Death at the SPaG Bowl – Murder Mystery Here is the suspects list in case you have misplaced it: The Answers to Clue 3: The killer does not wait on… Read more »

Thursday 23rd April – Class 4

Happy Thursday guys! I hope you are all keeping safe at home. Here is the next clue in our murder mystery and a maths game I hope you will enjoy playing. You can select different times tables and alter the difficulty level so it can be played by other members of your family too –… Read more »

Thursday 2nd April – Class 4

Happy Thursday guys! I hope you are having an enjoyable week playing, learning new skills and spending time with your families. Here are some activities for you to try…have fun! Miss Scotchford 🙂 Death at the SPaG Bowl – Murder Mystery The Answers to Clue 1: Clue 2: Put in the missing commas. Highlight the… Read more »

Music and Dance!

Here are some suggestions of GoNoodle videos for you to try each day. You could do them in the morning to get ready for the day or to give you some energy and focus your brain throughout the day. You can try as many videos as you like (KS1 and KS2 suggestions) and some of… Read more »

Thursday 26th March – Class 4

Hello Class 4! I hope you are keeping safe and well – I miss you all. Each Thursday, I will be blogging some activities for you to have some fun with! English: Death at the SPaG Bol! Each Thursday, I will release a clue to help you eliminate half of your suspects. The answer will… Read more »