Zoom meeting Thursday 7th May 10:30 am

I thought it would be nice to do a ‘show and tell’ session this week.


I’d like you to learn/practise a new skill or talent ready to show (or tell) your classmates! Here are some ideas to get you started:

Sports/ball skills (bouncing a ball on a tennis racket, repeated headers with a football)

Gymnastics skills (a headstand, a cartwheel)

Circus skills (juggling)

Musical skills (learn a new piece on a instrument)

Cookery/baking skills (try a new recipe or create your own and show us the result-or a photograph if you cant wait to eat it!)

Life skills (sew on a button, change your bed, hang the washing out)

Art/craft skills (create a piece of artwork with materials or a method you haven’t used before)

Construction skills (build a tower/dwelling etc. from materials you have around your home or garden)

Gardening skills (Plant and care for seeds/seedlings, create a ‘bug hotel’)

These are just suggestions so please don’t feel limited by them. I really hope everyone enjoys being creative and trying something new but if you are feeling shy about sharing what you have done, please still attend the meeting and support your friends by watching them. Meeting details will be sent nearer the time so enjoy your week and HAVE FUN!

Miss Scotchford.