Thursday 23rd April – Class 4

Happy Thursday guys! I hope you are all keeping safe at home. Here is the next clue in our murder mystery and a maths game I hope you will enjoy playing. You can select different times tables and alter the difficulty level so it can be played by other members of your family too – hopefully you will find it easier to move Tommy than I did!

Miss Scotchford 🙂

Death at the SPaG Bowl – Murder Mystery

Here is the suspects list in case you have misplaced it:

The Answers to Clue 2: Killer’s pet is a mammal

Clue 3: Past Tense

  • Change the verbs in italics into the past tense. The number in brackets after each word tells you which letter to take from the past tense verb.
  • Example:  The top spins (3) = The top span = a

ICT Link to an online activity: Have some fun with ‘Tommy’s Trek’ where you can practise any of your times tables.