Thursday 26th March – Class 4

Hello Class 4!

I hope you are keeping safe and well – I miss you all.

Each Thursday, I will be blogging some activities for you to have some fun with!

English: Death at the SPaG Bol!

Each Thursday, I will release a clue to help you eliminate half of your suspects. The answer will be given the following week.

The story begins here…

Suspects List

Clue 1

ICT Link to an online math’s activity: Keep those numbers bonds, times tables and division facts alive with ‘Hit the Button’!


Call an elderly friend or relative and ask them to tell you the following:

  • A song from their childhood
  • A song that reminds them of one or both of their parents
  • Their favourite singer/musician or band/group
  • The last song they heard
  • A song that is often stuck in their head
  • A song that has made them cry
  • A song that makes them want to dance
  • A song that cheers them up
  • A song they had at their wedding (if applicable)
  • A song they know every single word to

After your conversation, can you research who sang each of the songs (if your friend/relative didn’t tell you) and find a recording to listen to? Maybe you could call them back another day and tell them what you thought?

Miss Scotchford