Thriftwood Residential Trip

Class 4 has had a wonderful residential stay at Thriftwood Scout Camp in Brentwood and there are a few pictures here and more to come of the activities. We all tried our hands at climbing, archery, pedal cars, orienteering, demolition, the assault course, water rolling, cata-splat, a cave bus, the Cresta Run and axe throwing!

Growing with Class 4

Many thanks for the kind donations of pumpkin, courgette, beans, pepper and tomato plants which two of our class have planted and been nurturing.

Inuit Art.

As part of our topic looking at Nomadic Cultures around the World Class 4 looked at modern examples of Inuit Art by Kenojuak Ashevakand made some fantastic versions of their own. Mr Hopegood

Class 4’s Creative Homework.

We’ve had very pleasing amount of great homework handed in over the last couple of weeks and the squadron below was the last to land!

More Jubilee activities for Class 4.

Today we have made Union Flag bunting and the class followed step by step instructions to produce some amazing line drawings of the Queen.

Getting to know our characters.

This afternoon Class 4 spent some time thinking about the characters in Oliver Twist, what they were like, how they looked and what they did. There are some great pieces of work here!

Naan and dhal.

This afternoon we cooked and sampled some lentil dhal and naan bread, the naan bread was more popular than the spicy lentil dhal and I was very pleased with Class 4’s willingness to try new and unusual foods. The recipes I used are – Easy Vegan Naan – on Tarka Dhal – Mr… Read more »