Mrs Richards Superb Science

Today, Mrs Richards had delivered another brilliant science lesson in which we learnt about rocks and soils. We learnt about the three types of soils and the differences between them. We conducted many experiments with them such as feeling all the types of soil and doing drip tests.

Hindu shrines

Recently, class 3 have been looking at Hinduism for RE. We have been focusing on Hindu shrines and their places of worship. We decided to create our own Hindu shrines.


Recently we had been learning about mental health and relaxation techniques. This included things such as breathing techniques.


Recently we looked at forces and and discussed how the Romans used forces in their siege weapons such as Trebuchets. Mrs Richards had made a mini version of a Trebuchet and showed us all how it worked and the forces used in it.

Punchy Paragraphs

Today in English, we generated lots of ideas by have the stimuli of beautiful photos such as a sinking house. We then had to write sentences about said photos including lots of adjectives and time connectives.

Subtraction in action

On Friday we were getting to grips with subtraction using outdoor learning. We worked on representing calculations and solving them using objects from the grounds.

In RE we are learning …

In RE this term we are learning about Baptism. If anyone in class has been baptised could you please send in some photos of the service so we can have a look at them as a class. We promise we will look after them. Many thanks, Mr Fox

Acting out Asterix

Today we acted out scenes from Asterix and Obelix whilst also putting in the correct punctuation especially speech marks.

The Great Roman Bake Off

This week was cake week on the Great Roman Bake Off. In our technical challenge, we were making authentic Roman honey cake using a recipe found by archaeologists. I’m not sure who will be the first to leave the 10BC Bake Off tent, but I’m certainly sure everyone tried their hardest. Now we just have… Read more »

Number jumps

Today in maths, we looked at number jumps going up in twos, fives and tens. We played a game in which, in pairs, we started in the centre of the number line and rolled a dice. The number we rolled equals the number of jumps you do and whoever makes it to the end of… Read more »