Big Write

Last Friday we enjoyed taking part in the big write. We took inspiration from fragments of stories scattered around the building before having a go at independent writing. 

Creating mosaics 

This afternoon, in class3, we created MOSAICS. We did this by cutting lots of squares of paper and stuck them onto a grid. Before this we planned out our designs by colouring in a smaller grid in the desired design.

May(pole) the 4th be with you!

Today we have had the pleasure of participating in a Maypole dancing workshop. All children joined in well, and most enjoyed it far more than they’ll let on!​ ​


After making them last week from clay, we set about painting our flags. We  were very pleased with the results. 

Poetry in motion!

Today in English we looked at The Highwayman. In groups, we made freeze frames of different verses of the poem.

  Lunchtime fun!

Today we had a great lunchtime playing table tennis!

Collective Worship

Today we though about our  Mums and carers and looked at the real meaning behind Mothers Day. We wrote thank you messages to our Mums and attached them to daffodils.