Happy holidays!

Class 1 have had an exciting day taking part in an array of Spring and Easter activities to end the school term with. They have all worked very hard on their learning and deserve a good rest.

Class 4s Terrific Term

All of the teaching team in Class 4, are incredibly proud of Class 4s Spring Term. They are brilliant role models to the rest of the school, respectful in class and they love to learn. It is a joy to teach them and watch them blossom. English To finish the term, the pupils created their… Read more »

Learning Spanish numbers and family members.

The children have been learning to count in Spanish and played a game where they collected the correct number of objects to match the Spanish number. They have also been having a great time learning the correct vocabulary for different family members. Fantastica / Fantastico !

Easter Church Service

This afternoon, we journeyed down to St Nicholas Church to celebrate Easter. As promised on the newsletter, we are going to share the service with you. We started off with a warm welcome by Miss Reece and Reverend Andrew. Next, Class 1 shared their Easter Bunny Song with us. Afterwards, Class 2 sang their Spring… Read more »

Class 4 Homework

Here are this week’s spellings (attached as a picture). Please spend time using your different spelling strategies to help you practise. Thank you, well done! This weeks spelling pattern is converting nouns or adjectives into verbs using the suffix -ify. Maths The website is maths.co.uk This weeks Maths homework focus is Fractions and please don’t… Read more »

Learning in Class 2 22.3.24

Today children have brought home some sounds and spellings to practice, to help them with our learning from this week. The children are doing brilliantly with their Phonics and it would be wonderful if they could practice at home to help them feel really confident with their new sounds. Writing This week the children have… Read more »

Class 4s Incredible Week

This week in Class 4, we have had an incredible week. It has been filled with laughter, games and lots of learning! English – Plan a webpage During English, Class 4 have been planning their brilliant webpages about our wonderful Class/School. Throughout the week they have been gathering research about different school webpages. Today, they… Read more »

Class 3 Fossil Fun

Class 3 had a practical afternoon making salt dough in groups and creating imprints using small dinosaur toys. Last week, the children learnt about how fossils are formed and this was a fantastic way for the children to explore and understand what an imprint is. Well done Class 3!