Poppy Appeal

We have a number of items in school for sale in support of the poppy appeal. Please donate a minimum of 50p per item.

Amazing writing

We have been busy improving our writing this half term. Look how amazing we are!

Happy Half Term Holiday.

Half term is here already and Class 4 has made fantastic progress and produced some amazing work! Please see the Class 4 Google classroom area where you will find our display of some of the last half term’s Creative Homework as well as the spelling list for Thursday the 5th of November. Anything else in… Read more »

We Have a Penchant for Performing Poetry

Finally, after many days of trying, I can share with you the video of us performing the poem, ‘Heads or Tails?’ by Kit Wright. We used a combination of sign language and other actions to learn the poem off-by-heart before performing it. We are finishing this unit of work by creating our own versions of… Read more »

Reading Folders

Please can you remember to send your child’s reading folder back to school on a Monday and a Thursday so we can change their books regularly.  We will also be adding the phonic sound flash cards for Reception so they can continue to practise at home over the half term. 

Is it a monster? Is it a dragon?

Today, we made something scary in the classroom. It has big sharp teeth and scary red goo dripping from its jaws. We will be improving it over the next few days. Watch this space if you dare!!!

Mini beast signing

Class One have learnt how sign the mini beast that is their spot on our lovely new rug. It was great fun and the children are really enjoying talking with their hands..

Keeping Safe

This week is Safety Week. In Collective Worship we have been thinking about being responsible and keeping ourselves and others safe. Mrs Eastbrook helped us to think about different scenarios and what we can say, do or wear to keep safe.

Is it Ok to Trace?

We had a super afternoon tracing and painting artwork based around he kinds of things Stone Age people would do. After a little demo from Mr Este, the class had a go at some paintings of this own. I think you’ll agree there are some amazing results! Well done class 3!