Below, are the spellings for this week: forty frequently government guarantee harass Below, are also some of the spellings that will be looking at in class this week vegetablevehiclebruisesoldierstomachrecommend

Sharing our stories

Today in class 4, we had great fun sharing our stories that we have been writing. We spoke about how to engage the reader when telling a story. Then, we gave each other some feedback on our storytelling. We discussed what was effective and then the areas we needed to improve at.

PE – Invasion Games

Class 3 have enjoyed playing a range of invasion games during their PE sessions this half term. They have learnt different skills, such as working collaboratively to attack, defend and to keep possession. These skills apply to many sports, such as netball, basketball, football, hockey, rugby and many more. In all of these games, there… Read more »


A huge thank you to all of the parents and carers who supported our school’s book fair by purchasing books at school or online. Through the sales that were made, a record breaking amount of £268.98 has been earned to purchase new books for the children to enjoy at school. Reading plays a huge role… Read more »

Making our fruit smoothie recipes.

Class 1 have been making fruit smoothies. They followed the recipes they had written, made sure that all of the ingredients were measured out ready and prepared safely by washing their hands and cutting very responsibly on the chopping board.

Class 2 P.E. kits

Please could children have full P.E. kits in school at all times. P.E. kits should be kept in school and will be sent home at the end of each half term. The P.E. kit consists of black shorts, a red, blue, green or yellow t-shirt (house colour), white socks, plimsolls and trainers; these are kept in school… Read more »