Class 4’s busy week.

In addition to our usual learning we have been busy further exploring our Dark Skies and Shakespeare themes, there is some artwork included below. Over the next week we will develop our shoebox theatres ready to perform our chosen scenes from Macbeth by the end of next week. Those of you at home that are… Read more »

Truth or lie?

The children enjoyed a game of true or false in Collective Worship on Monday as we explored the theme of persevering with the truth. After telling a few exaggerated tales, I then told a true story (just like in the story of the boy who cried wolf). The children realised how difficult it is to… Read more »

Division – online games

Happy Sunday all! There has been an activity set on My Maths today for our new maths topic, division. This is not a my maths activity – it will be a message where you will find links to alternative games our students can play instead. Further learning is scheduled tomorrow, which will be My Maths… Read more »

Cave Drawings

Yesterday, in Class 2, we imagined what it would be like to be in a cave. We turned off the lights, closed the blinds and went underneath the tables to create our very own stone age drawings. This week we have looked at drawings that would make up stories and symbols that would be linked… Read more »

Soap carving

Classes 2 and 3 had a fun afternoon carving arrowheads out of soap! Thank you Mr Este, Mr Lines and Mrs Archer for organising this fun afternoon of learning.

Breakfast for a knight.

We had a really fun time today making breakfast fit for a knight. We mixed porridge oats, chocolate and raisins with warm milk. The children compared it to a milkshake and very much enjoyed eating it.

Rogue gallery!

Today in class one, we imagined what the Brigends (from our focus story) looked like. The children spent a great deal of time on their drawings and as you can see from the photos below, they have imagined some scary rogues. Mrs Whybrow, Miss Ripton and Miss White

Reading records.

I have popped a sound mat in reading records for you to support your child with recognising the graphemes (written letter) to the phoneme (sound). This will really help with your child with their writing and reading. Year one, please can you encourage your child to spot digraphs and trigraphs (for example ch/oi/igh) when you… Read more »

Attack and defend!

Today in PE, we used beanbags to attack a castle. Some of the children were tasked to defend their castle whilst their friends threw beanbags into the spaces of the castle walls. It was great fun!

The Whole of the Moon!

There is a full moon tonight and in class we have been looking at maps, photographs and illustrations of the moon and making accurate pictures.