Well-being & creative week – Inside out 08.02

Good afternoon all!

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and has enjoyed the snow so far? Hopefully we can have some more overnight!

This week we are focusing on our mental health and how to look after ourselves and putting a creative spin on our learning so we can find new ways to express or just create.

We will be linking a lot of our learning to the Pixar film, Inside out. So, if you can, have a watch of it and it will give you a better picture of some of the things we may be discussing this week. If not, do not panic! We will be explaining the task as we always do, and giving a little link or explanation to the film only.

PSHE/Art: WALT – share my opinions on things that matter to me and explain your views. Riley has five core memories which are kept in special golden orbs showing they are her most important memories. Have a think about your favourite memories and create your own five core memories by drawing them into golden orbs. Why are these your favourite memories?

Word search: Please download the word search below or open up document and work electronically.

Thesaurus hunt! Using a thesaurus, can you find any other words to describe/call these emotions? If these were your five emotions, what would they be called? (The word search might even help a little for this too…)

English: WALT use modelled language. Can you use some of your new words from the Thesaurus hunt to write about a time you felt on of these feelings.

Image result for inside out characters
Characters (Emotions) of Inside out

Have a great day of learning all and we will see you tomorrow on our Zoom call. This will be the last Zoom for the term as Friday is an Inset day. We will be playing BINGO, so make sure you have a pen/paper/whiteboard ready.

Mrs Archer, Mr Fox and Miss Bixby.