Jungle Boogie! 20.01

Hello Class 2! I hope your week is going well?

PSHE: Linking to the book, Monkey Puzzle. Think about how he is lost in the book and have a think to yourself… have you ever been lost? What should you do if you find yourself separated from your family?

Geography: Look on a map (internet or atlas) and try to find habitats like the one found in the story – what is there? Is it like the book? What else is found there?

Daily Maths: Please download the document below.

Phonics: ‘y’ sound. See if you can use some fine motor skills activities for this as well.

Tools for Developing Fine Motor Skills - Fantastic Fun & Learning

Cbeebies Online learning: looking at descriptive sentences (using adjectives) and maths (looking at hundreds, tens and ones) using P.E.



Have a good day of learning all!

Mrs Archer, Mr Fox and Miss Bixby.