Jungle Boogie! 06.01

Afternoon all!

Hope the first day of home learning has gone nicely… Our new topic this term is Jungle Boogie! All about Jungles and rainforests around the world.

To make life a little easier, I will try and put the learning up the afternoon/evening before as I know many of you will want/need to prepare in advance.

Design and Technology (D.T): Tomorrow’s learning does involve some food – these are likely to be things you have around the house (bananas, chocolate, nuts, coconut, cinnamon). Please note you do not need all of these items! They are linked to the Amazon Rainforest that’s all. If you could make something with them, excellent! If not, no worries at all. Send the children on an Amazon rainforest food hunt! Hide the items around the house and see if they can find them.

This activity fits in great with life skills too.

English – Quick write activity: Please download the sheet below. The learning is based all around the picture. Creating a title, finding 4 adjectives, sentence work and an opinion.

If you want to take it one step further, see if they can think of a great story opener involving the picture…I’d expect lots of topic words (from yesterday or any others that they can research), adjectives and even onomatopoeia (CREEK, SWISH, BANG!).

Spot the difference: Using the picture below, spot as many differences as you can! These are great activities for concentration, thinking skills, to learn to notice small detailing and it’s proven to enhance understanding skills.

Have a great day of learning! See you all soon.

Mrs Archer and Mr Fox.