Thursday’s learning.

So far with out delve into Victorian lives, we have looked at Who Queen Victoria was, timelines, inventions they found (and may still use today) and differences between the ‘rich’ and the ‘poor’ back then…quite a lot!

Looking at the Victorians still, I would like you to investigate what the schools used to be like. Look at the following slides below, and learn how Victorian schools were like!

You may be surprised to find that it was a little different to now…

Can you find out about some of the objects/resources they used to use in the classroom? And think about what we may use instead now?

Also, looking at your cutting and D.T skills, can you make a model of a Victorian school. Below you can download a template to make your very own or get creative with any old cardboard boxes and junk model a school!

Not linking to schools, but just as a little sweet treat for a Thursday…

D.T/Cooking – Did you know that the famous Victoria Sponge cake was actually named after Queen Victoria? If you are lucky enough to have flour (I have not been able to find any), could you bake a Victoria sponge? Also, find out why it is in fact named after Queen Victoria.

Mary Berry's easy Victoria sandwich

Maths: This links very nicely to cake (Mmmmmm!). You’ve had some fractions learning on your My Maths recently. Look at the fractions and colour in the right amount or choose the correct fractions (1/2, 1/4, 1/5 etc) One is a little challenging…

Have a great day of learning!

Miss Jenkins and Mr Fox.