A week in Class 4

This week has been a cracker in Class 4! Full of creativity, friendship and lifelong learning.


In PE they performed their sequences focusing on mirroring, rhythm and synchronisation. They worked well and used their co-operation and previous knowledge for other lessons to create some awesome performances.


Maths, they used multilink to help them understand and recognise how to express different formulas in Algebra. This supported the pupils and changed their way of thinking about different algebraic equations.


During the afternoon the children started to learn different directions in Spanish. They went outside to do this practically, helping each other with their Spanish books to travel across the playground.


What a way to end the week! The pupils have ended their ICT/DT topic of coding and programming by testing their coding and debugging skills. As a starter, the children used Hour of Code to remind themselves of their coding Rocket Words and techniques. They had to create a list of different shapes by giving the Bee-Bots direct instructions to draw the shapes required. The Class loved it and were coding wizards!

Great week Class 4! Have a lovely weekend.