Class 4s Wonderful Week

Wow, what a wonderful week! The past 6/7 weeks with Class 4 have been brilliant. They should all be very proud of themselves. The pupils have produced some amazing writing, beautiful art and much, much more.


This week Class 4 have been using different strategies to support deeper thinking and understanding. We have been using CPA – Build it – Say it – Draw it – Write it, to become masters in Maths.


This week we finished our persuasive letters to Mr Willy Wonka and all I can say is WOW! If I was Mr Wonka, I would make and sell all of your fabulous, scrummy and imaginative chocolate bars. The pupils were able to use: alliteration, facts, opinions, rhetorical questions, emotive language, statistics, the rule of three and stunning letter presentation. I loved reading every single letter!

Class 4 shared their fantastic letters with Class 3! They were very impressed!

Creative Homework

Well done to all of those who were able to complete the 4 pieces of Creative Homework. This morning we held a learning carousel and used this time to write positive feedback on each others Creative Homework. It was so lovely to see the pride and time the pupils took in their home learning and the kind words others had to say about it.

I will blog next half-terms Creative homework on the first Monday back. Look forward to seeing what you bring next half-term!

It’s DISCO time!

Well done Class 4 – you were great role models in the disco! We had so much fun and you all had some serious dance moves!