Class 4s Wonderful Week!

It has been a wonderful week in Class 4. We have been learning about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, persuasive letters, RUCSAC and much more!

This week, we have introduced a new strategy in maths. It is called, RUCSAC. It stands for READ, UNDERSTAND, CHOOSE, SOLVE, ANSWER and CHECK.

This week we have also finished our class book – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The children loved and enjoyed delving into the imagination of Roald Dahl. Our class book has inspired us in our persuasive writing. The children have started to design their very own Chocolate bars, inspired by Mr Wonka. They were so creative and had great fun thinking outside the box!

We will begin to start our new class book. The children have voted and the winner is…. Pinocchio! Written by Michael Morpurgo.