Class 4s Cracking Week

This week Class 4 have had a cracking week of learning, enjoyment and making memories. This week we have focused on partner walking in Maths (Grus and Minions), Internet Safety, Tennis, writing to Mr Willy Wonka and lots more!


The children enjoyed becoming Grus and Minions in Maths. We were practising our CPA and for some, Mastery skills. The Grus had to instruct the Minions how to answer the algebraic equations without drawing for them. It’s trickier than it sounds, but they were great!


In PE we learnt the rules of Tennis and how to pass to ball. The children warmed up their hand-eye coordination with a fun starter to introduce our lesson. In pairs they explored how to pass the ball to each other, while getting used to the power of their hits and rackets.

Safer Internet Day

This week we had Safer Internet Day. As a class we looked and learnt about the rules of internet safety and why it is so important to protect yourselves when using technology. As groups the class studied the dangers when using AI (artificial intelligence) and how to recognise the signs of fake AI.