Welcome Back Class 4! (Spellings and Creative Homework)

I hope you and all your families had a wonderful Christmas Break and a fabulous New Year! All the children have come back to school with a positive attitude and are showing themselves as great role models in Class 4, keep it up!


Here are this week’s spellings (attached as a picture). Please spend time using your different spelling strategies to help you practise. Each week we will do a ‘cold’ check (without practise) on Monday and a ‘hot’ check (with practise) on Friday

Creative Homework

I have attached a photo of Class 4’s Creative Homework for this term. Please try to complete a minimum of 4 tasks by Thursday 15th February 2024. You may choose how you complete your creative homework eg. on paper, PowerPoint presentation, leaflet etc. Evidence of your completed tasks will need to be handed in.

 Remember to show off all your top skills and knowledge. Please check your homework for simple errors and take pride in your work! Be proud of what you are creating in and out of school.

If you have any questions, please ask. Thank you.

Miss Barber