Class 3 Work 08.01.20

Good morning all,

We made it to the end of the week; well done all of you – adults and children alike!

Thank you to everyone who is engaging more with Google Classroom. It makes things a lot easier in terms of being able to see work and give feedback. I’ve seen so many amazing things on there already!

Here are the tasks for today:

English: Correcting Mistakes

Mr. Este has tried his very, very best to create a good piece of writing about the Vikings. It’s not very good, however. Silly me!

I want you to have a look at what I’ve written and see what you can do with it.

Here’s what you should look for:

* Have I used comma lists properly?

* Is my writing detailed enough?

* Are my capitals and full stops accurate (hint: look at names).

You might want to expand it with your own ideas as well. I don’t mind whether you correct on the sheet, type up your own version or just re-write your own from scratch. Think about the work we’ve done this week and see how you can apply it here.

Maths: Dicey Multiplication

Today, I’d like you to take the chance to put all of your multiplication work into practice.

It’s been a very busy week – and a very tiring one! I can tell how hard you’ve all worked though, so well done!

It’s time for you to make up your own calculations.

You will need:

* Dice

* Paper for your working out.

  • A piece of paper to write down your calculations and answers.


* Roll the dice to create your multiplication calculation (you can roll as many dice as you like to multiply). So if you roll 6 and 5, you’d do 6 x 5.

* Fill in the questions and answers on the sheet.

* There is no specific amount of questions, just see how you get on and challenge yourself.

Think about:

* Is there more chance of some answers coming up than others?

* Could I manage using 3 dice to make a U x TU calculation?

Science: Magnets

This half term we are looking at forces and magnets. I’ve put together a few online activities for you to look at to introduce magnets.

What do you know about magnets already?

Do you know anything about how they work?

Where are they used?

Have a look at the online activities. Note down anything you notice about magnets and magnetism.

When you look at the compasses page – find out what happens when you move the magnet closer and further away from the compass.

Paper Weaving

As a nice, relaxing way to end the week, I thought I might get you to have a go at some paper weaving. Weaving was very important to the Vikings and Saxons and still remains essential to us today. Have a look at the video and see what you can do. You don’t have to follow the instructions exactly, you could change the measurements if you needed to. Also, if you don’t have coloured paper, perhaps you could have a piece you draw a pattern on and use that.

Have a great day and a relaxing weekend. You’ve earned it.

Take care; all the best,

Mr. Este