Please Read – Important Message Regarding Google Classroom.

Hi all!

I hope everyone is doing well and keeping safe and happy. I wanted to start by thanking everyone for keeping going after all this time. As I’ve said before, I will continue to do my best to provide work in the best way possible but it’s the continued effort of yourselves and the children that is noteworthy and to be applauded. Even after all this time, I continue to be pleased with the things I’m seeing and hearing about. It genuinely makes me happy to see.

Moving forward, I will be transferring work over to Google Classroom. There are a few teething problems (the e-book and quiz seems to be the main one at the moment) but I am really enjoying being able to look at and respond to work. As stated before, it’s not realistic to be able to manage both Dropbox and Google Classroom so I had to make the decision to switch over. I am very much thankful for your support in this.

It is therefore important that, if you are yet to try, you login and have a look at Google Classroom with the details given through Parentmail. That way, we can know ahead of time if there are any issues or any advice you need in using the system

As I previously stated, thank you very much for your support. I know not every day is easy but don’t give up! I will continue to try my best to provide the best education I can under the circumstances.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need anything

Take care and all the best,

Mr. Este