Class 3 – Google Classroom

Over the next couple of days, you should receive a login for Google Classroom. This is a platform for looking at, downloading and sending back work. It would be useful for people to start using it as soon as possible so I can get feedback on how well it works and if any tweaks need to be made.

As previously stated, it has taken a lot of work to put both in Google Classroom and the Dropbox this week so it won’t be feasible to carry on in this way in the future.

The login details need to be sent securely so you should receive them through Parentmail over the next couple of days.

Here is a short video explaining the basics of Google Classroom – it will be a useful tool when we get it up and running so the more people getting on board sooner will help with the transition.

Have a great day and I would very much appreciate any feedback you have going forward.

Take care,

Mr. Este