Weekly Learning 11.05.20

I’ll begin with the Dropbox Link:


This week we are heading back to Ancient Greece. It’s a topic we’ve covered previously that I thought would be good to re-visit during out trip around the world. We’ll be looking at locations, myths and mosaics as we explore the country. I have tried to include many resources that you might use in the Dropbox. I hope these are useful. Feel free to explore the activities at your own pace throughout the week; please make sure there is a focus on getting the Maths and English completed – I know a lot of people who have tried to focus on the English and Maths in the morning, then moved on to art/ craft type activities in the afternoons. I always try my best to reply to e-mails that come to the office, so if there’s anything you would like advice/ help with please get in touch. We will also be working on Fractions in maths (it had to happen eventually!)

Just a note – on the Weekly overview sheet I mention and have a link to TED Ed videos on YouTube. Though these are child appropriate, I would still ask that you check them out yourself first to make sure they are appropriate for your child.

Another useful resource for this week is the Greek Myths found on BBC School Radio. They’re a great listen and will help with the story writing later on.


I haven’t included a schedule for the BBC Online learning this week as little was relevant to the learning we are covering. However, the proofreading skills on Thursday and Reading lesson on Friday would be useful.

I also came across this while researching for this week’s work:


There are some fascinating experiments going on with computers and a.i. that I know some of the class would be interested in.

I hope everyone has had a good weekend and is keeping well.

Take care,

Mr. Este