Class 3 – A Few Things to Try

Good morning,

I hope this morning finds you well. Aside from all the work you have in the dropbox, I thought today I’d highlight some different activities and websites I have found that might help you break up the day a bit.

As with anything online, make sure you have an adult to help you out and make sure everything is safe.

This is a great little book review site I found. There are plenty of reviews and recommendations on the site for all children’s age groups. It’d be great if some of you could add your own reviews on to the site.

I’m always up for a bit of fun with science! This site has a lot of experiments you can try at home so long as you have the resources.

There are a lot of Math games on this site. I’m a particular fan of the older, classic games like Tower of Hanoi.

Nonograms (or Picross as it’s also known) are a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine at the moment. They’re good little puzzles to use up a few minutes here and there.

Where on Google Earth is Carmen Sandiego? This is a great little game! Learn a bit of Geography while hunting for the person who stole the Crown Jewels. (I can’t believe how detailed Google Earth is these days!).

I hope these help break up the day a bit.

As ever, take care and have a great day. Remember, there’s still plenty to get stuck into in the dropbox as well.

Mr. Este