A busy week in Class 2

It has been lovely to see the children again this week and we have been straight back to work after the half term break.

We have been learning about the seasons in Science, identifying the changes in weather and all around us throughout the year. We have also been writing about the weather in English, working hard on making our sentences clear and informative.

In Geography we have been learning about life in a village in India called Chembakolli. We have looked at the map and located India, and compared its location with where we live. We have also looked at weather, houses, and schools to see where we have similarities and differences between life here, and in Chembakolli.

In Maths, Year 1 have been learning fact families – finding all of the addition and subtraction calculations for numbers to 20. Year 2 have moved to multiplication and have been looking at ‘groups of’ and ‘lots of’ to help with their multiplication sentences.

Well done Class 2, you are working very hard and we are proud of you all.

Have a lovely weekend,

Class 2 Team