Class 2 expectations.

Good afternoon all,

I hope you are all enjoying the sun this afternoon, rather than the rain we’ve had.

I just wanted to put a reminder out for a few expectations in Class 2. I know this has been a very difficult year and has not been a ‘normal’ school year in the slightest, but we are now back in the swing on things and I am hoping to have your continued support.

P. E Kits: p.e kits are expected to be in at all times. Due to our creative curriculum, we can incorporate p.e and other physical elements into our teaching whenever we like. Preparation is key for this to happen properly.

My maths homework: My maths homework has been set again (fractions this time) and lots of our students are currently behind. They will have a large back log of homework to complete before school finishes for the summer.

Toys/items from home: We do not allow for toys or other home items to come into school. This is so they do not get lost or damaged. If children are bringing in items, they are being collected from them in the morning and given back at home time.

Uniform: we have a lot of jumpers/ cardigans at the moment, with no names. If your child is missing a jumper/cardigan, please check the table which will be outside on Friday morning.

You have all been very supportive over this mad year and you have made our jobs so much easier during the hard times. I hope we can further count on your support coming to the end of our school year as well.

Any questions or concerns, please let a member of our team know.

Have a great evening.

Mrs Archer, Mr Fox and Miss Bixby.