Well-being and creative week – Inside out 11.02

Happy end of term all!

I hope you’ve all had a brilliant term although I know it wasn’t exactly what we had planned… You guys have been absolute troopers and your standard of learning has been amazing – let’s make the next term even better!

To end our well-being week, we are going to look at a few well-being activities…

Please make yourself a ‘gratitude’ jar.

Gratitude jar: this can be in a real jar with lots of little notes on what you’re grateful for or you can do this on a print out – the choice is yours! What are you grateful for in your life or at the moment? When times are hard or different, it’s important to remember what we are grateful for.

Well-being activities: these are all activities that can either make you feel great or maybe one’s you actually haven’t done yet…

No photo description available.

Rainbow of positivity: using the layout for the colours of the rainbow (and you could even use the same colours if you wanted…), write down things that are great about You! You should be able to write 7 great things about yourself, is it that you’re kind, a helpful big brother/sister, always try hard or that you are just happy… You can decide. I can’t wait to see all the lovely things you have to say about yourselves.

Step by step: just to finish us off with a link back to our film, Inside out, here is a step by step drawing of the feeling ‘anger’. He may be a little tricky but I am sure you will all do a brilliant job!

Class 2 – well done again for an amazing term and I hope to see you all very, very soon. Please take care of yourselves over the holidays (and your families) and make sure you’re kind to one another and most of all safe.

Mrs Archer. Mr Fox and Miss Bixby.