Jungle Boogie! 11.01

Good afternoon all.

I hope you all had a great weekend and stayed safe. In the Archer household, we decided to go on a 5 mile walk on Saturday and do a yoga workout on Sunday! What have you guys been up to?

New week of learning, so let’s introduce a jungle themed book! You may have heard of it before, it’s called Rumble in the Jungle!

English: What is rhyming? Thinking about the story, Rumble in the Jungle, can you pick out any of the words that rhyme? Think about, if they rhyme? Do they always have the same spelling? What other stories do you know that rhyme?

You’ll need to do some research for this. Im going to test your rhyming skills tomorrow. You will have a set of words and need to find ones to rhyme with it! You’ll need them for a poem later in the week (which could fit in nicely with Mrs Eastbrook’s challenge).

Maths: We are learning about shapes. In Class 2, we have already delved a little into 2D shapes, but not a lot with 3D as of yet. Have a look at the links below for extra information and to test your knowledge.





Also please find attached Daily Maths for today. This may also have some shape questions on there too..

ICT: Find out about a jungle animal. You can present this anyway you like; fact file, presentation, poster with annotations, model with labels etc. You will need to find out about this animal as your poem will be linked to it later in the week.

I hope you have a great day of learning and remember to check your My maths account. Lots of learning was added to it last week.

Mrs Archer and Mr Fox.