Wednesday’s learning

Hopefully your week has gone well so far, waiting for lots of lovely learning photos to come in – don’t be shy! 🙂

Maths: Symmetry – Looking at the United Kingdoms flags, see which ones are symmetrical. Remember, symmetrical means they are exactly the same on both sides.

English: Write a post card. Write a post card to one of your friends and tell them all about a place in the U.K you have visited/found out about. Think about why they should visit there? What was fun/exciting/beautiful about it? Did it have a famous landmark? Was it a long journey from your house or was it quite short? Think about the template of a post card too.

Topic words: Using your topic words from Monday’s learning, I would like you to make conundrums with them (or you could be a secret agent again with the numbers- your choice). For example, the word country could be cuoytrn and someone in your house has to try and unscramble it. It’s very important it’s spelt correct though so extra concentration on this!

Don’t forget to check your My maths…

Have a good day – Miss Jenkins and Mr Fox.