Thursday’s learning

Nearly Friday -hoping everyone has had a very productive week (Mr Fox and myself definitely have!).

Geography/Science: Looking at the weathers in different parts of the U.K and keeping a 5 day diary. Even though we live in the U.K, there are different weathers and temperatures in different places of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Pick 2 places in the U.K to compare (one being where you live now). Keep a track of these weathers of 5 days and check the difference in temperatures. Try to think about why they could be different too…

PSHE/British Values: Have a think about what makes our country good? Are you proud to live where you do? Proud to be British? What makes us Brits so proud? Is it the royal family, is it our Government and democracy (good word to research!). Do we have lovely places to live and visit? Beaches? Mountains?

Have a great day of learning – Miss Jenkins and Mr Fox.