Friday’s learning.

We’ve made it to the end of the week in this heat! Hope you’ve all been very careful in the sun…

Last few bits on the Romans! Let’s find out about their houses. This link will tell you all about different types of Roman houses. May be a lot to read so just pick 1 or 2 to learn about.

Comparing: Look at a Roman House and the home you live in. What’s the same/different. You can do this in a list, pictures, Venn diagram, as a piece of writing… Its your choice!

FOR Sale! Pretend you are an estate agent (someone who sells houses). You need to sell the next best thing… A Roman House! Think about your for sale poster and sign. What is has to offer, the floor plan, what makes it unique

Here’s some examples of for sale posters/ads.

Showing aa picture of the house and the floor plan (showing the house on the inside and it’s rooms).

Have a great day of learning and be sure to enjoy the sunshine (be safe!).

Miss Jenkins and Mr Fox.