Friday’s learning

Happy Friday! We’ve done our first week back, it was different but good to be back with the children.

Research/ICT: Looking at the flowers of the U.K. Which flower/plant is the emblem for that country and why? What is the meaning? Do the countries have any other emblems ( I know Wales has 3: flower, plant and something else to do with feathers…).

Art/D.T: Keeping to the countries flowers/plants. Recreate it by using a media of art. This can be paint, colouring pens or pencils, play dough/salt dough, water colours, chalks, pastels. Can you create your own flower/plant for one of the countries? Why have you chosen it? Why is it important?

My maths has some fractions learning on there and we will be looking at fractions a little more on the blog next week.