Tuesday’s learning.

Loving the learning that has already come in! I hope you are enjoying the new book as much as I am (and did when I was younger)

I feel that this week, we will have lots of science thrown in and why not! I love science and it links in great with this book (little scientists of Class 2!)

Science: Create your own weather in a cup! You can create a rain cloud with a clear cup.

You will need: clear cup, shaving foam, water and food colouring.

First, fill the cup ¾ full with water.

Then, put shaving foam on the top (this is your cloud).

Afterwards, pour some food colouring on top of the shaving foam (blue if you have some – if not any colour will do).

Finally, watch your foam cloud rain!

Remember to take loads of photo’s so I can see if its worked for you…

Literacy – Looking at what I’ve written above….That is a set of instructions. I want you to do the same. Write instructions for your very own raincloud or for something you did last week (creating your very own turnip/vegetable maybe…).

Mine is very simple, so you will have to jazz it up a little for me.

You must keep the time openers (first, then, next, after etc), adjectives, adverbs (especially those in year 2 – I carefully poured in the water), your handwriting must be neat and on the line and i’d like a small illustration for the finished product (or you could do a small illustration for each part of the instructions – it’s up to you!).

Maths: Try out these games below. Choose your own challenge.

Place value game (knowing tens and ones) https://www.topmarks.co.uk/learning-to-count/place-value-basketball

Counting, matching and ordering https://www.topmarks.co.uk/learning-to-count/ladybird-spots

Times tables (up to 12) https://www.mathplayground.com/ASB_PenguinJumpMultiplication.html

Have a good day!

Miss Jenkins and Mr Fox.