Monday’s learning

Hoping everyone had a lovely and busy weekend. We’ve had so many photos in from you and it looks like you are having a great time – it’s always so nice to see!

Zoom will commence tomorrow at 11a.m. but this session will be using a new log in and password. Please use this new link that will be sent out via parent mail. Unfortunately, Miss Jenkins will not be able to attend this meeting, but Mr Fox and some surprise guests will be joining.

 The new book this week was suggested by the Taylor family (thank you!) and it’s called The Bumblebear. It’s such a lovely book, see the link below to enjoy the story.

Sticking with the bee theme and with our new book, we would like you to think about and complete the following activities:

Science: research and think about a Bees body. What does It look like and why? What does it have that is very important to be a bee? What might it feel like? Rough? Soft? Smooth? Sticky? Do different parts feel different? Why?  

Literacy: Write a diary of Bumblebears day at school. What was his daily routine like in Bee school? Think about something called ‘Chronological order’. You might need a little help at first to find out what that means before you write.

PSHE: Norman the Bumblebear was a new starter in Bee school. How do you think he was feeling on his first day? How would you feel starting somewhere new? If you were a Bee in Bee school, how would you make Norman feel part of your class?

Spelling: Thinking about the Bumblebear book, practise some of the spellings found or linked to the story.

Everyone: more, honey, tricky, really, little, giant, dancing, chase, shake, grab/grabbed, beast.

Challenge: amazing, brilliant, ordinary, special, acceptance, practise, friendly, irresistible, diabolical, fierce-some.

Please share any new book ideas for next week’s learning – going to stray away from Bees a little and maybe try and focus on growing with fruit and vegetables. So, any good story books, please let us know!

Have a great day of learning!

Miss Jenkins and Mr Fox.