Friday’s learning.

Happy Friday everyone! Well done for another week of hard work and fantastic learning!

BSL activity: This is the toughest one yet and it’s putting your BSL knowledge and spelling skills to the test! Create your very own BSL word search… Link below and an example of what it would look like.

Please share if you manage to find any of my words. I will be super, super, SUPER impressed!

Literacy: Create a Kennings poem. I LOVE these poems because they are so simple yet very effective! I always use them as a guess who game! For a Kennings poem you need to use 1 noun and 1 verb – that’s it! Make you Kennings poem on something connected to the Enormous turnip story – like a farmer. You could use nouns like, food, seed, field, tractor and verbs like, driver, grower, planter. There are a few examples below, can you guess what they are?

For example:

Garden lover,                                                 Worm eater,

Honeycomb maker,                                       Nest maker,

Nectar collector.                                            Seed muncher,

What am I?                                                    Tree liver,

                                                                          Winged glider.

                                                                          What am I?

Try and use a thesaurus to improve words like i have with the word ‘fly’, I changed it to ‘glide/glider’.

D.T/Art: Create your own vegetable! You can use whatever you like – repeated cellotape, crumpled paper, paper mache, cardboard etc. Get those artistic skills on the go! If you wanted, you could use your vegetable and see if it sinks or floats…

BEWARE if you choose to do this – your vegetable will get wet and it may break! 

Well done for such a great week everyone! Remember, we have a Zoom call on Monday 18th at 11 a.m. Have some of your amazing learning ready to show us or you can even share some of your BSL skills (that would be amazing!).

Miss Jenkins and Mr Fox.