Learning activities

Good morning all!

I would like everyone to focus on Autism Awareness day today!

There are blogs on here already discussing what Autism is and some top tips on how to support those with Autism.

Autism can come in many forms and it isn’t a one shoe fits all! Everyone with Autism is different….just like everybody else!

I would like you to:

1: Create a poster on why it’s good to be different! 2: Create a jigsaw piece for everyone in your family with a different design/talent/picture on each so it links to that person (they must fit together at the end). 3: Complete the heart jigsaw piece activity already blogged 4: Research the Autism ribbon/jigsaw and see how you could change it and explain why.

If i see any other activities linking to this, I will blog more later on or if anyone has any great ideas, please send them in!

Can’t wait to see all of your lovely photos today as well!

Have a good and safe day all!

Miss Jenkins and Mr Fox