Fridays learning.

Friday already – What a creative week you’ve had!

Lets see what Joe Wicks has in store for us today… I can feel the ache already!

Geography: Thinking about where Jacks house is (from the story), it sounds like its near the country side or on some farming land (as he had a cow). I would like you to compare 2 parts of the U.K. Compare means you look at what is the same and what is different. Think about which parts of the country you will pick and why. For example, I would pick Tiptree and my old home town Port Talbot, in South Wales. I can say they are similar as there is a big working place in both for those who live there – Tiptree Jam Factory and Tata Steel. Although, it is different because Port Talbot is a town and Tiptree is a ‘thriving’ village (a big one!). Think of lots of different points about your areas on how they are the same and different and if you can look at pictures too that would be great!

R.E – looking at the story of St Francis of Assisi.

My maths has been updated and I am still waiting for some outstanding pieces. I have linked the my maths to the new maths topic but there are some additional pieces on there to keep other topics in maths fresh in your brain (like adding, subtraction etc).

Don’t forget to join us Monday morning at 11am with a piece of learning from Jack and the beanstalk! We will only have half hour – 40minutes (before the provider shuts down the meeting), so please be prepared. Children are not to be left unattended and we will use the last part of the call to initiate new learning for that week by reading a new story to them.

Well done for a lovely week’s worth of learning and I will leave you with a Disney Pixar inspired art piece to keep your spirits and laughter high and to make sure you are washing your hands…

Stay safe! Miss Jenkins and Mr Fox.